Induction Pipe Bending Machine

Production range:OD60mm-2000mm(2-80inches)
Radius:1.5 D ≤ R ≤ 10D ≤ 15000mm.
Angle:0-180 degree
Bending material: Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel.
Operate way: Manual, PLC.
Suitable environment for Induction Pipe Bending machine:
Temperature -5-45℃,reversely humidity≤80

Hydraulic control

casting and precision maching,hydraulic control used to clamp work price and leads the work peice to formed radius,it important part on induction bending machine


All of tube bent machines hydralic systems are integrated in this parts,achieve bending machine actions:pushing forward,return,clamp,tight and loose,action open and close etc.

Preferred product

Medium frequency power supply adopts zero pressure startup mode,high success rate,high heating efficiency,low failure rate.

KGPS power source

It is a modern heating unit to provide whole bending machines power energy.choose different grades of if depeng on size of work pieces.


Our PLC Automatic Induction Pipe Bending Machine has following advantages:
1.Main body is strength and durable.
2.Underframe welded with structural steel and steel plate, and machine milling. Pushing plate using T type groove structure, travel smoothly. Under the push board with grey iron plate, wear-resisting. Have wear compensation regulating variable.
3.Bending radius is adjusted by cycloidal motor drive screw rod adjustment, convenient adjustment, high precision.
4.Hydraulic system uses frequency control, working speed stepless variable speed, convenient adjustment, improve the production efficiency, saving energy save electricity. According to the feeding speed control motor speed, adjust the fuel delivery accordingly, on-demand oil supply, hydraulic oil without high pressure unloading, the oil temperature not too high. 
5.Rocker arm uses the center boom structure, overcome the twist of rocker by bend moment, high bending precision, small rotating resistance, especially suitable for thin wall tube bending.
6.Medium frequency power supply adopts zero pressure startup mode, high success rate, high heating efficiency, low failure rate. Using control device, make power output stability: Input line voltage fluctuation ±15%, the system also can ensure constant power output. 

ltem type PIPE OD(MM) Max.thickness(mm) Max.pushing power(t) Medium frequency power(kva) M.F transformer(kva)
1 HYG-200 76-219 16   100 500
2 HYG-300 76-325 16 65 160 1000
3 HYG-400 108-426 16 84 200 1000
4 HYG-500 159-529 16 106 250 1000
5 HYG-600 159-630 18 130 300 1000
6 HYG-700 219-720 18 160 400 2000
7 HYG-800 219-820 18 206 450 2000
8 HYG-1000 426-1020 20 258 500 3000
9 HYG-1200 426-1220 20 300 600 3000
10 HYG-1400 426-1420 20 337 800 3000

Induction Pipe Bending Machine Design of PLC control system 
1.Touch screen, CPU, Extension Module, etc, all use siemens brand. Contactor, relay adopt siemens or Schneider brand. Magnetoscale and magnetic head adopts German SIKO brand.
2.Manual and automatic two operating mode.
3.Pushing speed closed loop, heating temperature closed loop, heating temperature and pushing speed closed loop, heating temperature and medium frequency power closed loop, to ensure that the advancing speed constant or heating temperature constant. Pushing speed can be set by digital, after set the speed, PLC acquisition of magnetic scale pulse number, then calculate the real-time propulsion speed, and input the speed difference into PLC to automatic adjustment, ensure the stability of the speed.
4.In automatic operation mode, hydraulic system can be started up according to the heating temperature automatically, when reach the setting angle, system alarm, And stop propulsion automatically.
5.Data display and record, system can display pushing speed, heating temperature, medium frequency power, medium frequency voltage, medium frequency current, pressure of main cylinder, temperature of cooling water, pressure of cooling water. And can record all above data, easy to reach optimization production.
6.There has a formula function, if you have the steel pipe production process parameters, can input them into PLC directly, then it can start production automatically, and keep quality of bending.

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