Hydraulic pipe bending machine for sale

The hydraulic intermediate frequency pipe bender can be used for steel pipes of any material of carbon steel, alloy and stainless steel

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For more information, please go to youtube https://www.youtube.com/embed/gVq8HOM1T9g

Mechanical body of pipe bender

cylinder bracket, push plate, underframe, platform, transformer bracket, slide rail, rocker spindle, chuck, etc.

Pipe bender equipment structure

heating power supply part: induction heating power supply, cooling water circulation system, operation cabinet (touch screen, PLC control system)

Hydraulic system of pipe bender

oil tank, pump station, oil cylinder, oil pipe

   The hydraulic pipe bender machine has developed a set of automatic control system since 1994: ——a series of data input such as the geometric size, bending radius, bending angle of the required pipe, the number of the raw material, the material, the temperature required for simmering, etc. The computer allows the computer to automatically track and control based on these data to complete the simmering operation process.

The hydraulic pipe bender adopts a far-infrared thermometer to sample at one point or several points to ensure reliable temperature rise. It is clearly displayed during the process and the temperature rise is monitored at any time.

Automatic tracking control of hydraulic pipe bender: realizes high network voltage, correspondingly fast temperature rise, and fast hydraulic propulsion; low network voltage, slow temperature rise, automatic slow hydraulic propulsion, forming a closed loop and maintaining relative balance

ltem type PIPE OD(MM) Max.thickness(mm) Max.pushing power(t) Medium frequency power(kva) M.F transformer(kva)
1 HYG-200 76-219 16   100 500
2 HYG-300 76-325 16 65 160 1000
3 HYG-400 108-426 16 84 200 1000
4 HYG-500 159-529 16 106 250 1000
5 HYG-600 159-630 18 130 300 1000
6 HYG-700 219-720 18 160 400 2000
7 HYG-800  219-820 18 206 450 2000
8 HYG-1000 426-1020 20 258 500 3000
9 HYG-1200 426-1220 20 300 600 3000
10 HYG-1400 426-1420 20 337 800 3000



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