Hot Forming Pushing Elbow Machine

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The elbow machine is mainly used for hot push forming of carbon steel and alloy steel elbows. It is also a common equipment used to push seamless steel pipes into elbows. Large, medium and small hydraulic push elbow forming machines can be customized according to user requirements.

The whole structure of the elbow machine: the pushing machine is composed of the main machine, the heating coil bracket, the hydraulic system and the electrical system. The main machine adopts a welding structure, the heating coil bracket adopts profile welding, and the hydraulic system adopts an integrated control method to achieve smooth operation. The electrical system components are selected from high-quality products.

The elbow machine is the main equipment for the production of elbows, which can produce carbon steel and alloy steel elbows with a thickness of 21-1620mm, a wall thickness of 3-120mm, and a multiple of 1D or more.

The hot push elbow forming process adopts the main elbow machine, mandrel core head and heating device.

NO. Model/Parameters Elbow Range(mm) Bending Radius Thrust(t) Bneding Angle M.F Power(kw) Max Working Thrust(t)
1 HY-WT-114 25~114 1~2.5D 50 0~135 160~200 42
2 HY-WT-219 108~219 1~2.5D 84 0~135 200~250 72
3 HY-WT-325 108~325 1~2.5D 106 0~135 300~350 91
4 HY-WT-426 159~426 1~2.5D 160 0~135 350~400 137
5 HY-WT-558 219~530 1~2.5D 206 0~135 400~450 177
6 HY-WT-630 325~630 1~2.5D 260 0~135 450~500 220
7 HY-WT-720 325~720 1~2.5D 300 0~135 500~600 257
8 HY-WT-820 426~820 1~2.5D 330 0~135 600~800 282
9 HY-WT-914 426~914 1~2.5D 410 0~135 600~800 351
10 HY-WT-1067 530~1020 1~2.5D 670 0~135 1000~1200 574
11 HY-WT-1220 630~1220 1~2.5D 850 0~135 1000~1200 728
12 HY-WT-1420 720~1420 1~2.5D 1050 0~135 1200~1500 900
Note: 1.The machines technical parameters is based on pipe wall thickness≤20mm。
          2.MAX pipe wall thickness can be 150mm.machine can be designed according to users requiremerta.

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